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Hi Balance Method Enthusiasts!

Yesterday, November 02, we had our first themed webinar of a serie of 12. The theme was Burn Out and requested by the members for the Dutch Balance Method Acupuncture Forum. It was a successful burn out session. As far as I could tell, no one was burned out during the webinar ;-)

We learned the 12 phase ...

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Hello Balance Method Enthusiasts!

During the first Dutch Balance Method conference, Feng Shui master Dongfang Shu gave a brief introduction to balance your own practice with Feng Shui. After his presentation, a large number of the participants were interested in more information regarding Feng Shui adjustments for their own practice and how ...

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To publish a book you need help from other people. In my case, I would like to express my thanks to:

  • Peer Brouwers for reviewing and checking the manuscript.
  • My fellow teacher and gynecology expert Martine Cornelissen for reviewing the Qi Jing Ba Mai and gynecology part of the manuscript.
  • Caroline Albers for checking ...
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Hello Balance Method Acupuncturists,

The first Dutch Balance Method Conference, held on Saturday, October 09, 2021, was a huge success! More than 150 digital participants were directed to the special studio. Here several announcements and surprises awaited them. This was not a usual Zoom meeting. The participants were greeted with music, uplifting ...

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Hello Balance Method Enthusiast!

Welcome to this first post of the Path of the Scholar Warrior. The first step of our journey. My name is Kris Oosting and I am the writer of these blog posts. I am glad you are here, giving your precious time to read these posts. In these weekly posts we will cover Balance Method Acupuncture pro-tips, ...

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