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A 'must have' for any acupuncturist who wants to treat pain quickly and successfully! This book will give you a clear insight and understanding of the Tan Balance Method. And many, many protocols and principles for treating pain and more. I really love this book and have been using it in my practice since day one.

Karin Z. (Acupuncturist)

This book has drastically changed my outlook on acupuncture and with results. I use it not only for pain symptoms but for all other complaints as well. This is acupuncture as described in the classics. And also very understandable and clear. A must have! Many thanks Kris!

Karin G. (Acupuncturist)

Great and comprehensive book that takes you step by step through the Balance Method of Dr. Tan. I bought the book after attending Kris' courses on this subject and still use it regularly, partly because it also contains many practical examples. Highly recommended!

Kristine Z. (Acupuncturist)

This book is an indispensable tool in practice to give direct pain relief in an often simple and effective way. The book is very complete and clear manual with many cases and well illustrated.

Harry v S. (Acupuncturist)

A very handy practical and accessible guide that combines a thorough explanation of Dr. Tan's Balance Method System with a rich wealth of clinical wisdom and new insights. I couldn't manage without it!

Caroline A. (Acupuncturist)

I take volume 1 with me everywhere, and the book holds up perfectly. It really is the clinical study guide as you envisioned.

CA (Acupuncturist)

I admit, I am addicted. Addicted to the smiles and eyes in complete disbelief. 'This can't be true..., my pain is gone. Is this true?' Patients with total relief of pain, often after years of tinkering with physio or other therapies. Great book with well-documented strategies and addictive results. And totally backed by the classics.

Peer B. (Acupuncturist)

This book is a masterpiece. I use it daily in my practice. It helps me to help other people. I recommend it to everyone. I am already looking forward to Kris' next book.

Anne S. (Acupuncturist)

Kris' book is one of the best practical books on Balance Method Acupuncture I have ever used. Every case can be solved with this gem of a book.

Jean C. (Acupuncturist)

An incredibly useful and well-organized handbook. Together with following Kris' continuing education courses, this book is ideal for getting the most out of your treatments. Clients who after sometimes years of living with pain ''You just have to learn to live with it'', finally have a part of their lives back. Thank you, Kris!

Geja S. (Acupuncturist)

In this book, Kris Oosting provides a compact view of the big picture. It works like a road map in search of the best pain treatment. It is a well-organized, well-composed book where theory and practice come together. A reference book for every acupuncturist who works according to the Tan method. In short... A must-have... Thank you Kris for all the insights you provide in this book.

Saskia J. (Acupuncturist)

A fantastic book. I use it as a handbook in my practice. The book is clearly laid out, so you can quickly find what you are looking for. There are many useful tips in it. I am looking forward to volume 2.

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