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On A Mission

How time flies! Kris has been working as an acupuncturist for 20 years, giving people with chronic pain and discomfort their quality of life back!

February 1st, 2023.

Treat any pain with immediate results in three easy steps with Balance Method Acupuncture with confidence and without having to study for years.

What you want to learn

Give people with chronic pain their lives back in a safe, affordable and easy way.

What you want to give to your patients

Kris Oosting, with his Balance Method Revolution, is on a mission to give people with chronic pain and discomfort their lives back in a safe, affordable and easy way.

What advice should you give your younger self if you could go back in time 20 years and meet yourself?
Learn Balance Method Acupuncture now!

Early on in his acupuncture career Kris found himself attending a Dr. Tan seminar. It was at this seminar with Dr. Tan that changed everything for Kris. Now almost 20 years later Kris is just as passionate about the Balance Method as he was during that first class with Dr. Tan, and now he has accumulated a high level of experience and expertise that he realizes the best way to give back is to pass on his knowledge.
Since 2016 Kris has been actively teaching students, and has trained close to 1000 acupuncturists in Balance Method Acupuncture.
He currently teaches 12 course modules and 21 topic webinars and has written two books.
His passion is sharing Balance Method Acupuncture and expanding the method with new ideas, all supported by the Classical texts.


My motivation for doing research, teaching courses and writing my books is best explained by …


A 'must have' for any acupuncturist who wants to treat pain quickly and successfully! This book will give you a clear insight and understanding of the Tan Balance Method. And many, many protocols and principles for treating pain and more. I really love this book and have been using it in my practice since day one.

Karin Z. (Acupuncturist)

One of the greatest gifts I have ever had the pleasure of receiving. Thanks to this book, I can start working convincingly and confidently. Thank you Kris!

Chen P. (Acupuncturist)

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These books give you access to a whopping 736 pages and over 550 color illustrations of knowledge about Balance Method Acupuncture without having to study for years!

Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort - Research and Clinical Application - Volume 1

Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort - Research and Clinical Application - Volume 2


Balance Method Acupuncture for the Treatment of Pain and Discomfort - Reference Card Sets

Thanks to your input, we are replacing these with a clinical guide that is more valuable in your clinic.
We are currently writing this guide and adding the latest pro tips and clinical experience.

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Read everything about Balance Method Acupuncture, Pro Tips and much more!



These interesting podcasts are for those who want to broaden their horizons with Balance Method Acupuncture.


You can follow the Balance Method Revolution on Facebook.
This is a private group for Balance Method Acupuncturists.

You can follow Kris and his Balance Method Acupuncture on Facebook.


Unbelievable that I already have a full income. Thanks to the Balance Method and you Kris. My big thanks for this.

Monique S. (Acupuncturist)

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The Netherlands


There are 12 course modules on Balance Method Acupuncture facilitated by Academy Qing-Bai.

Online Mini Courses

12 Mini-Courses are created for Balance Method Acupuncturists. These mini courses last between 2.5 and 3 hours on a specific topic.
The structure of all mini courses is:

  • Balance Method Acupuncture Primer: Brief overview of the techniques and tools used.
  • Context: The context of the topic explained.
  • Diagnosis: Balance Method Acupuncture style.
  • Strategy: Finding Structure, Projection, Action and Tool.
  • Treatment: Carrying out the treatment according to the strategy.
  • How to Continue: Pro-tips on how to get even better.

All these mini courses follow the guidelines of Balance Method Mastery®: Simple, Logical and Powerful!


There are 21 themed webinars that go deeper into specific topics. These webinars are for Balance Method Acupuncturists and are held every four weeks on Tuesday evenings.
The last webinar is on Tuesday June 13, 2023.
A wealth of knowledge, strategies, pro-tips and clinical cases were shared!

Balance Method Masterclass

Masterclass May 2023 Huge Success!
Time for a three-day immersive Balance Method Acupuncture experience! It was intense, fun and we learned a lot. Also from Kris' point of view as a teacher. For example, teaching from 7:30 am to 10:00 pm. He wants to make sure he adds enough value and overdelivers. Well, with 550 slides, this was certainly the case. A wealth of information and knowledge for the participants who went to their next level!
As it stands now, a level 2 master class is scheduled for May 2024, for acupuncturists already taking the masterclass. A level 1 master class is scheduled for May 2025.



Kris Oosting teaches a series of 9 courses at Brad Whisnant Seminars in the US.
The first one, Treating Fatigue In 3 Easy Steps With Balance Method Acupuncture is available for purchase.
The second one, Treating Insomnia In 3 Easy Steps With Balance Method Acupuncture is available for purchase.
Number three, Treat Gastrointestinal Complaints In 3 Easy Steps With Balance Method Acupuncture is available for purchase.
Number four, Treating Headaches With Balance Method Acupuncture is available for purchase.
And a FREE mini course on How to Treat Hay Fever with Balance Method Acupuncture can be found here.

More of Kris Oosting on Brad Whisnant Seminars:
How to Treat Post-Covid Lung Issues & Get Amazing Results! can be found here.


I am grateful that I can share with others.

Kris Oosting

Buddhist Projects


Maitreya Institute in the Netherlands and the Foundation for the Preservation of the Mahayana Tradition FPMT.

The Meridian Trust - Library of Tibetan Buddhist Resources for future generations.

Native American Projects


Cheyenne River Youth Project in South Dakota.

Save Children Projects

MARICI - Dawn of Freedom.
Stop child sex trafficking.

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