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We read about them in the acupuncture books. Those empirical points. As if by chance the Chinese discovered the workings and indications of acupuncture points.

The past 15 years or so studying Chinese medical classics taught me one thing. There is always a why. Sometimes it is hidden. Maybe the authors didn't explain the why because they assumed ...

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Hi Balance Method Enthusiasts!

Yesterday, November 02, we had our first themed webinar of a serie of 12. The theme was Burn Out and requested by the members for the Dutch Balance Method Acupuncture Forum. It was a successful burn out session. As far as I could tell, no one was burned out during the webinar ;-)

We learned the 12 phase ...

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Hello Balance Method Enthusiasts!

During the first Dutch Balance Method conference, Feng Shui master Dongfang Shu gave a brief introduction to balance your own practice with Feng Shui. After his presentation, a large number of the participants were interested in more information regarding Feng Shui adjustments for their own practice and how ...

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To publish a book you need help from other people. In my case, I would like to express my thanks to:

  • Peer Brouwers for reviewing and checking the manuscript.
  • My fellow teacher and gynecology expert Martine Cornelissen for reviewing the Qi Jing Ba Mai and gynecology part of the manuscript.
  • Caroline Albers for checking ...
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Hello Balance Method Acupuncturists,

The first Dutch Balance Method Conference, held on Saturday, October 09, 2021, was a huge success! More than 150 digital participants were directed to the special studio. Here several announcements and surprises awaited them. This was not a usual Zoom meeting. The participants were greeted with music, uplifting ...

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