Feng Shui 1-2-3 with master Dongfang Shu

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Hello Balance Method Enthusiasts!

During the first Dutch Balance Method conference, Feng Shui master Dongfang Shu gave a brief introduction to balance your own practice with Feng Shui. After his presentation, a large number of the participants were interested in more information regarding Feng Shui adjustments for their own practice and how to implement it.
We contacted Master Dongfang Shu and he was happy to share more on this topic.
The approach he suggested is to discuss all nine zones of the Bagua on a zone by zone basis. Each zone relates to a part of your practice space.
This will be done in our Facebook group (where you can ask questions) and in podcasts. I'll keep you posted.

How many of you have already made Feng Shui adjustments after the Balance Method Revolution conference?

With balancing regards,

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