Successful Burn Out

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Hi Balance Method Enthusiasts!

Yesterday, November 02, we had our first themed webinar of a serie of 12. The theme was Burn Out and requested by the members for the Dutch Balance Method Acupuncture Forum. It was a successful burn out session. As far as I could tell, no one was burned out during the webinar ;-)

We learned the 12 phase model developed by Freudenberger and North to recognize burn out. Useful to use as a tool for patients with burn out to check what level they are in.

The symptoms that are treatable by acupuncturists were mapped out and classified using pattern identification. Then we saw that we use mostly Meridian Conversion and Wu Xing (Five Phases) with occasional Seasonal Balance.

In the case of discomfort or pain, often in the chest, epigastrium or abdomen, we can use the GBS Taiyin-Yangming, KID-P-Yangming or PGBS 4 (Book 1 page 196).

Further, we discussed how to Calm the Mind and to let them sleep (Book 1 page 362-363)

We ended the webinar with 11 ways to prevent burnout. Which we can use in our practice.

Take care from burning out and with balancing regards,

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